We care about our clients and take care of the best equipment and staff. Here is what our club`s members say about our services.

I truly believe Fitnesto Club has changed my life.  If you are ready to lose weight, get in shape, and feel great, stop by and see for yourself all the Fitnesto has to offer!  You will not be disappointed!

Mary Clare

Client Fitnesto

I’ve been a member almost all of that time. The Club has been a second home to me.  In the past, it was where I headed every day after work.  Now retired, it’s what gets me going in the morning.What I like the most about training with Jen is that I never get to do the same workout twice.

Katie Swift

Client Fitnesto

I enjoyed my personal training sessions with Jennifer - she motivated me to do more. When I first started the sessions I had a backache from sitting down all day. The exercises she gave me to do, improved my back muscles and now it does not ache. Thank you for getting me active again.

Sharon Mitchell

Client Fitnesto

I've had a few sessions with Jen now and she has the patience of a saint! I'm not the average client! I'm lazy, unfit and find every excuse possible not to have work out but Jen pushes through all my whinging and reminds me of my goal! I'd definitely recommend Jen especially if you need a firm kick up the butt!

Naomi Reed

Client Fitnesto