Yoga Classes


Yoga is a good start and will have you restore your strength, muscle tone, increased flexibility, and youthfulness.

Yoga is an important part of every fitness facility’s schedule nowadays. That is all due to yoga being so universal for all kinds of people and the overall benefits it brings to any person’s health and shape. The yoga classes listed below have a shorter duration time than our other classes on the schedule. Every yoga class at the ironmass gym is beginner and prenatal friendly!

1) Easy Yoga

For those new to yoga, we offer a secure, safe place to learn, explore and grow.

2) Iyenga Yoga

Yoga that has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture and breath control.


1-5 sessions per month $49

5-10 sessions per month $59

10 - 20 sessions per month $69


Barbara Perkings

Yoga Teacher

Barbara teaches at Strala Yoga in NYC where she is known as the ‘upside-down girl’ due to her penchant for inversions. Passionate about sharing her love of yoga with others, her classes offer everyone the chance to be upside down in a fun, safe way! Heidi is a wonderful example of the healing powers of yoga.